4 Reasons to Take Part in SEO Contest

Whether you have a lot of experience in website optimization, or just start promoting your own blog, taking part in SEO competition is a good idea. And there are at least four good reasons you should definitely try it.

  1. Learning

    The more you learn, the more ideas you get to try and use for developing your project. Even if you tested several methods and chose the one that works best for your website, it doesn’t mean you can stop on it. What is effective today may not be that beneficial tomorrow. And it’s better to be aware of multiple methods and to try them gradually than to panic seeing your rankings dropped. SEO contests give you the idea, the aim, and the timeframe to achieve it. They also give you the motivation with the first prize often being some pretty hefty sum of money. One good example is SEO Hero contest where you are challenged to outrank the organizers with their own keyword for a chance to win $50,000. Search engine optimization heroes are given four months to show off their skills.

  2. Using new methods.

    Let’s say you read about content marketing and gradually developed your blog to bring some steady income. That’s great, of course, but why would you stop on that if you could do more? And earn more, obviously. SEO contest organizers may hold the event in order to market their product on the Internet. While participating, you will learn how to do that, and it will want to use it for your current project or for a new one.

  3. Improving your skills.

    SEO contests give you a chance to showcase your skills and to see whether you are truly as good at something as you might think. You and your competitors have the same goal, but everyone has and uses various methods. You can analyze what others do and realize there are some pretty useful things you haven’t tried or tried them differently. You can improve your analytical skills as the excitement to win drives you further. You can finally risk and reach out to some influencers, get high-quality links, and realize it is way better than spending time injecting ‘self-links’ on other sites. Seeing something from another perspective and improving your knowledge and skills are what you’ll get from taking part in the contests.

  4. Earning

    Entering SEO contest could be a win-win decision. Firstly, you can showcase your skills and win the prize. Secondly, you can learn a few things to use on your website and earn more than you do now. Or you could even win the prize and spend it for your project’s promotion, and earn from it. How challenging is that!

Be proactive and use the opportunities around. Follow SEO experts at SEO Hero Media, subscribe to their news, and take part in the contests they announce. Luckily, you don’t have to get a degree to perform well on the Internet. All the information you need is out there, and you only have to read and act.