Buying Expired Domains with Backlinks: Main Risks

If you happen to be a business owner, blogger, or journalist, you need to think about the level of your online reputation. Internet users shape their opinion based on the web-resources that they encounter while surfing the Net. In this day and age, domains are our everything. As long as you have an eye-catching domain, it will be easier to attract new customers and raise public awareness.

However, at this point, problems start to kick in. Since all the popular domains are either owned by global brands or unavailable, it’s tremendously difficult to get the one that fits you the best. That’s why you have to consider the option of purchasing expired domain that contains backlinks. This article will let you know what are the main pitfalls that you’d better avoid when buying expired domains.

What Are Expired Domains?

Simply stated, expired domains are domain names that have been excluded from the zone files (a file listing all the domain names and corresponding DNS-records) within the previous two weeks. As a rule, zone files are updated every 24 hours – expired domains are being added and taken ones are being dropped. Generally, expired domains can take three forms:

  • Available (the domain has been released, but hasn’t been renewed)
  • Renewed (the domain is officially renewed by its owner)
  • Pending (the domain is still in the phase of pending, meaning that anyone interested can do nothing, but wait)

Keep in mind that you have to check the domain’s state before acquiring it. Conventionally, it’s quite easy to determine whether the domain is accessible or not.

The Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks represent the relationship between different pages on the Internet. Specifically, this correlation allows people to get an access to the information they are interested in. The knowledge of how backlinks work is extremely vital for everyone dealing with an Internet business. If you are a website manager, you probably want your web-resource to be as highly recognizable as possible. Backlinks can easily help you out with this task.

The first step is to learn what your page’s backlinks are. Having done that, you would be able to build a link map that governs the position of your web-resource within the cyberspace. Obviously, the best scenario for you is when your content is linked to from other sources outside your control. To sum up, here are the main three reasons why you should pay attention to backlinks:

  • Backlinks are good for enhancing the quality of your pages.
  • Backlinks are essential for driving traffic to your web-resource.
  • Developing backlinks can help search engines detect your website.


Some Dangers You Should Consider

Without any doubts, buying an expired domain can turn out to be a profitable investment. The most important thing to realize is that you have to keep a close eye on zone files. As soon as popular domain gets expired, don’t lose this priceless opportunity to purchase it and then resell.

In spite of this, there are some risks you’d better be aware of:

  1. A chosen domain can be banned by search engines.
  2. The domain name’s popularity may not be the same after being renewed.
  3. Backlinks can be of low-quality.
  4. The previous owner can be involved in shady business.

To stay away from such difficulties, you have to carefully review the domain you are considering buying. Remember to check domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). Apart from this, analyze the rankings of a chosen web-resource, using some well-known services.

As you can see, it requires some time and effort to understand how to pick the appropriate expired domains. Mind the pitfalls that were mentioned above and try to avoid them. Especially, don’t forget about backlinks that can greatly influence the efficiency of your web-resource.