Link Building Tips That Will Be Useful in 2018

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, trying to become better at detecting trashy and spammy sites and links. With every new update comes a large uproar from SEO-experts, claiming that soon enough, the majority of common and known practices won’t work. Yet, here we are, in 2017, and content and links are still two major things you have to care about if you want to rank high.

While the majority of people put their faith on content, spending months (if not years) to increase their numbers just a little, others choose links as their primary focus. Link building is standing strong, but will it be that way in 2018?

Some people claim that the whole fact that Google values links so much, leads to people turning to PBN setup. However, it’s now clear that links as a factor, won’t be devalued anytime soon. If you want your link building campaigns to work right and don’t want Google to see your practices as sketchy, you have to follow some rules:

  • Create a content skyscraper.
    This technique is fully legal and actually helps a user, so Google loves it. Your goal is to try to find a highly-ranked piece of content and then… make it better. You could then easily outrank that page if your content overlooks the same problem and adds something to a solution.
  • Outreach.
    Outreaching works just as fine as PBN sites. The only thing you have to know about making your outreach working is that it has to be personalized. For example, if you’re sending emails to build relationships, hire a press release writing and distribution service or a freelancer to create those for you. Those similar auto-generated messages are the worst.
  • Work on your broken links.
    Broken links are not good to you, but they also could spoil ranks for a site linking out to you. This is why it’s an easy way to increase your ranks. Outreaching, in this case, is easy, as both sides have something they will benefit from.
  • Find the mentions you already have and turn those into links.
    If someone already mentioned you, or wrote a reflective article about your brand or your post, but haven’t linked you, that should be an easy way to get a new link. That is also not penalized and not viewed upon.
  • Start a contest.
    This is another good way to earn new links. You could also buy high DA domains and create separate pages for your contest that will also have links to your site. Anyway, launching something like that shows people that you care and it’s an easy way to get a link from authority sites. Yes, those still make a big difference and they will in 2018.
  • Earn your links.
    If you want your money site to be up and running in 2018, you have to explore different strategies. Turning to a PBN service will earn you some links, but remember that running on PBN links only will increase your risks. It would be safer for you to earn links as well as use blackhat strategies.

Remember that you have to take care of your site and not just focus on link building. Take some time to improve your content, or hire someone who will care about it. Actually, content is another magnificent way to earn links. Plus, don’t forget to check older links to make sure they are still valid!