SEO Tips For Beginners By Top Cardiff Marketing Agency

Even if you are an absolute beginner, there are some things that you can do to boost the ability of your website to rank highly for listings on search engines.

You certainly don’t have to be an expert to improve your business ratings for SEO in the Cardiff area.

Here are some tips from an established Cardiff SEO expert agency to help make the best of what you have got – even without calling in the experts!


One of the first things you need to know about search engines is that they are looking for certain keywords and phrases, in order to rank your site.

You need to know the keywords which are relevant to your business and then make sure that they are in your page content.

Ideally, they should feature in your title pages and even your domain name.

Beware of over using them, though. The content should always read naturally and never be just an incomprehensible pile of keywords, that don’t mean anything.

Not only will this put off potential visitors to your site, but you also risk being penalised by Google.


By optimise we mean making sure that the title pages and the image or video tags are all relevant and will be seen better by Google.

Once you have sorted the title pages and meta descriptions, then you can proceed to making sure that your content is readable and attractive to actual human readers – as well as the Google bots!


Nothing is going to put off Google more – or actual real human visitors – than a site that does not load well and has broken links in it.

Take some time to ensure that all the links work on your site and all the pages link to where they are supposed to.

Images or pages which take an age to load up will result in people abandoning your site en masse.


One of the criteria that Google and other search engines look for, when deciding how to rank a site, is the quality of the backlinks to it.

Don’t fall prey to the temptation that some less than reputable Cardiff marketing agencies might offer, of using a lot of dodgy backlinks on your site.

These will be more likely to get your site penalised by Google than do any real good.

It is best to establish quality links, with genuine sites, of good standing.

If you have a blog (and you should do) then link to some reputable and popular blogs that are connected to your site and business and ask nicely if they will link back to you.

It is important that this be as natural process as possible, remember, you need to be in this for the long haul.


It is not only your website that needs to be up to date and correct. You also need to ensure that any business listings that you have are accurate.

If there are any out of date listings on the web, then take it upon yourself to correct and update them.


A word of warning here about text sizes and tags.

Google will be looking to your text sizes, amongst other things, to assess your site’s ranking.

Overuse of the H1 tag might confuse the search engines. Make sure your page’s main heading is used with the H1 tag – and then ensure that a relevant keyword is in the title!


Lastly, the most important thing you can do is to continue to write high quality content for your site.

This means genuine, informative and highly readable articles for your website, with sharp, easy on the eye visuals.

You should be looking to update your site regularly with new content, or even just remembering to give old content a fresh twist.

The frequency of updates is something that not only Google will rate – but your visitors will appreciate it also.

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